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Wage Payment at the end of wage period (Days)

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Wage Payment at the end of wage period (Days)
Wage Payments (within days after due date)
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AfghanistanZ: Insufficient DataAfghanistan
AlbaniaE: No Clear ProvisionAlbania
AlgeriaZ: Insufficient DataAlgeria
AngolaZ: Insufficient DataAngola
ArgentinaA: 1-5 Days4Argentina
AustraliaZ: Insufficient DataAustralia
AustriaA: 1-5 Days1Austria
AzerbaijanA: 1-5 Days1Azerbaijan
BahrainA: 1-5 Days1Bahrain
BangladeshB: 6-10 Days7Bangladesh
BelarusA: 1-5 Days1Belarus
BelgiumA: 1-5 Days4Belgium
BeninB: 6-10 Days8Benin
BhutanZ: Insufficient DataBhutan
BoliviaZ: Insufficient DataBolivia
BotswanaZ: Insufficient DataBotswana
BrazilA: 1-5 Days5Brazil
BulgariaZ: Insufficient DataBulgaria
Burkina FasoB: 6-10 Days8Burkina Faso
BurundiB: 6-10 Days8Burundi
CambodiaZ: Insufficient DataCambodia
CameroonZ: Insufficient DataCameroon
CanadaZ: Insufficient DataCanada
Cape VerdeA: 1-5 Days1Cape Verde
Central African RepublicZ: Insufficient DataCentral African Republic
ChadB: 6-10 Days8Chad
ChileZ: Insufficient DataChile
ChinaE: No Clear ProvisionChina
ColombiaE: No Clear ProvisionColombia
Congo (Brazzaville)Z: Insufficient DataCongo (Brazzaville)
Costa RicaE: No Clear ProvisionCosta Rica
Côte d’IvoireZ: Insufficient DataCôte d’Ivoire
CroatiaC: More Than 10 Days15Croatia
CubaZ: Insufficient DataCuba
CyprusZ: Insufficient DataCyprus
Czech RepublicE: No Clear ProvisionCzech Republic
Democratic Republic of the CongoZ: Insufficient DataDemocratic Republic of the Congo
DenmarkZ: Insufficient DataDenmark
DjiboutiZ: Insufficient DataDjibouti
EcuadorZ: Insufficient DataEcuador
EgyptE: No Clear ProvisionEgypt
El SalvadorA: 1-5 Days2El Salvador
EritreaZ: Insufficient DataEritrea
EstoniaE: No Clear ProvisionEstonia
EthiopiaE: No Clear ProvisionEthiopia
FinlandA: 1-5 Days1Finland
FranceE: No Clear ProvisionFrance
GabonZ: Insufficient DataGabon
GambiaZ: Insufficient DataGambia
GermanyA: 1-5 Days1Germany
GhanaE: No Clear ProvisionGhana
GreeceE: No Clear ProvisionGreece
GuatemalaE: No Clear ProvisionGuatemala
GuineaE: No Clear ProvisionGuinea
GuyanaZ: Insufficient DataGuyana
HaitiE: No Clear ProvisionHaiti
HondurasE: No Clear ProvisionHonduras
Hong KongZ: Insufficient DataHong Kong
HungaryB: 6-10 Days10Hungary
IcelandZ: Insufficient DataIceland
IndiaB: 6-10 Days7India
IndonesiaE: No Clear ProvisionIndonesia
IranZ: Insufficient DataIran
IraqZ: Insufficient DataIraq
IrelandZ: Insufficient DataIreland
IsraelZ: Insufficient DataIsrael
ItalyZ: Insufficient DataItaly
JapanZ: Insufficient DataJapan
JordanZ: Insufficient DataJordan
KazakhstanB: 6-10 Days10Kazakhstan
KenyaE: No Clear ProvisionKenya
KuwaitB: 6-10 Days7Kuwait
KyrgyzstanZ: Insufficient DataKyrgyzstan
LatviaE: No Clear ProvisionLatvia
LebanonZ: Insufficient DataLebanon
LesothoZ: Insufficient DataLesotho
LiberiaZ: Insufficient DataLiberia
LibyaZ: Insufficient DataLibya
LithuaniaE: No Clear ProvisionLithuania
LuxembourgA: 1-5 Days1Luxembourg
MadagascarB: 6-10 Days8Madagascar
MalawiZ: Insufficient DataMalawi
MalaysiaB: 6-10 Days7Malaysia
MaliB: 6-10 Days8Mali
MaltaE: No Clear ProvisionMalta
MauritaniaZ: Insufficient DataMauritania
MexicoE: No Clear ProvisionMexico
MoldovaA: 1-5 Days1Moldova
MongoliaZ: Insufficient DataMongolia
MoroccoZ: Insufficient DataMorocco
MozambiqueE: No Clear ProvisionMozambique
MyanmarA: 1-5 Days1Myanmar
NamibiaZ: Insufficient DataNamibia
NepalZ: Insufficient DataNepal
NetherlandsB: 6-10 Days7Netherlands
New ZealandZ: Insufficient DataNew Zealand
NicaraguaZ: Insufficient DataNicaragua
NigerB: 6-10 Days8Niger
NigeriaA: 1-5 Days1Nigeria
NorwayZ: Insufficient DataNorway
OmanB: 6-10 Days7Oman
PakistanB: 6-10 Days7Pakistan
PanamaZ: Insufficient DataPanama
Papua New GuineaZ: Insufficient DataPapua New Guinea
ParaguayE: No Clear ProvisionParaguay
PeruE: No Clear ProvisionPeru
PhilippinesZ: Insufficient DataPhilippines
PolandB: 6-10 Days10Poland
PortugalE: No Clear ProvisionPortugal
QatarZ: Insufficient DataQatar
RomaniaE: No Clear ProvisionRomania
RussiaA: 1-5 Days1Russia
RwandaB: 6-10 Days7Rwanda
Saudi ArabiaE: No Clear ProvisionSaudi Arabia
SenegalB: 6-10 Days8Senegal
SerbiaZ: Insufficient DataSerbia
SingaporeZ: Insufficient DataSingapore
SlovakiaE: No Clear ProvisionSlovakia
SloveniaC: More Than 10 Days18Slovenia
SomaliaZ: Insufficient DataSomalia
South AfricaB: 6-10 Days7South Africa
South KoreaZ: Insufficient DataSouth Korea
South SudanA: 1-5 Days3South Sudan
SpainE: No Clear ProvisionSpain
Sri LankaB: 6-10 Days10Sri Lanka
SudanZ: Insufficient DataSudan
SurinameZ: Insufficient DataSuriname
SwazilandZ: Insufficient DataSwaziland
SwedenB: 6-10 Days9Sweden
SwitzerlandZ: Insufficient DataSwitzerland
SyriaZ: Insufficient DataSyria
TaiwanZ: Insufficient DataTaiwan
TajikistanZ: Insufficient DataTajikistan
TanzaniaE: No Clear ProvisionTanzania
ThailandZ: Insufficient DataThailand
Timor-LesteA: 1-5 Days1Timor-Leste
TogoB: 6-10 Days8Togo
TunisiaZ: Insufficient DataTunisia
TurkeyC: More Than 10 Days20Turkey
UgandaE: No Clear ProvisionUganda
UkraineB: 6-10 Days7Ukraine
United Arab EmiratesB: 6-10 Days10United Arab Emirates
United KingdomE: No Clear ProvisionUnited Kingdom
United StatesE: No Clear ProvisionUnited States
UruguayZ: Insufficient DataUruguay
UzbekistanZ: Insufficient DataUzbekistan
VenezuelaZ: Insufficient DataVenezuela
VietnamC: More Than 10 Days30Vietnam
YemenB: 6-10 Days6Yemen
ZambiaA: 1-5 Days5Zambia
ZimbabweE: No Clear ProvisionZimbabwe

Wages must be paid regularly on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Bubble size indicates the number of days wage payments are received after the due date.

Minimum Wage Provisions

The minimum wage must cover the living expenses of the employee and his/her family members.

Overtime Compensation Rates 

Overtime Rate is for daytime overtime work. When there is more than one rate, we take what is above 48 hours.

Country Overview

Number of countries: Right to strike

Number of countries grouped by Nursing Breaks - Duration (hours)

Countries grouped by Freedom of Collective Bargaining

Number of countries grouped by Weekly Rest Time (hours)

Number of Countries grouped by Child Work - Age for Hazardous Work

Number of Countries grouped by Child Work - Age for Entry into Full Time Employment


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